We never charge for an initial consultation, and invite you to ring or email for an appointment.  Our free initial consultation consists of a conflict check concerning the identity of the parties and important dates for your case.  If there is no conflict, and we can identify legal services we are capable and willing to provide, we will propose them to you in writing.

Effective October 2022, we charge $200/hour for cases in District Court. We typically require an initial commitment from you to pay for ten hours of our time to take a new case.

For conciliation court hearings we charge a flat fee of $600 to appear with you in Court, present your evidence, challenge your opponent's evidence and make arguments to the Judge on your behalf. Or, for a flat fee of $300, we will advise you on how to represent yourself in Court. We will prepare you for your hearing and give you specific advice, suggestions and instructions to effectively present your case.

Each case is a little different, and we apply the factors allowed under the rules in determining our fees. While some exceptions, terms and conditions apply to our availability and willingness to accept each case, we always provide our clients with a written fee agreement that clearly spells out the scope of our representation. A sample of our Fee Agreement is here for public examination. We do not do any legal work, or provide any legal services until both the client and one of our lawyers signs a fee agreement. There is no attorney/client relationship until both parties sign the agreement.