What we will do.

Smith & Raver LLP attorneys provide legal services to small business and people of all sizes. We welcome you to call for an appointment for a free consultation.

We provide legal services for plaintiffs and defendants in Minnesota in civil cases in conciliation court, state district court, and U.S. District Court.

Consultation, drafting and advisory assistance regarding your legal needs.

Principal practice areas include Civil Litigation and Family court.

Civil Litigation: contract claims, landlord-tenant actions, forfeiture suits, residential construction defect matters.

Family Court: Divorce, custody modifications, child support modifications, and pre-nuptial agreements.

Our fees are competitive with other small firms, and transparently structured to be easy to understand.

What we don't do.

No professional can do it all, and we're no exception. There are certain areas of law that Smith & Raver LLP simply do not practice in. For people in need of legal services we do not provide, we are pleased to suggest certain colleagues who enjoy our confidence.

We list the following other attorneys, their practice areas and contact information. These attorneys are not affiliated with Smith & Raver LLP.

Please let us know your experiences with other attorneys, as we update our site regularly.

The presentation of other attorneys is not a guarantee of their performance, or of outcome in any particular case, and is not legal advice. Smith & Raver LLP provides this information as a service to the public, and a courtesy to the lawyers presented.