No matter how knowledgeable you are, how strongly you believe that you are "right", or how much you deserve to win, you risk losing your case without the help of an attorney. A courtroom is a unique place, unlike any other. Judges make their decisions based on a complex set of rules and laws. There is a specific way of presenting information that judges prefer. Judges are far more receptive to "legal arguments" than claims presented in any other manner. As attorneys, we understand how to best transform your claim into a compelling legal argument that will produce a favorable response from
the Judge. In our opinion, this will greatly increase your opportunity for success.

Do not be lulled into a false sense of security because your case seems "cut and dry", or that you will automatically prevail without a lawyer's help. This error could cost you significant dollars. Your attorney will give you an edge that may make the difference between winning and losing your case. Successful, accomplished people insist upon the edge an attorney brings into the courtroom, and so should you. Some Defendants, with help from their lawyers, are winning counterclaims against Plaintiffs just like you.

Special care should be taken before you commence a suit, and an attorney can help you select the proper defendant(s), and language for your claim, to maximize your potential outcome. Also, your attorney can assist you to properly effect service upon your opponents so that you can avoid the wasted expense and time of your case being rejected by the judge for a defect in service.

Avoid the unnecessary risks and surprises, and retain an attorney to help you.

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